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Value-added services



Shengguang provide a complete specialist polymer molding service, from design to delivery, for a wide range of home and export markets.


We have 5 experienced tooling engineers, specially trained for designing intricate and complex tooling, also we have 5 development engineers and three processing engineers. They are able to provide professional advice to our customers regarding product design, thus helping customers to achieve a higher standard of product quality.

With Pro/E and other software, the tooling machines, CNC coupled with the experienced tooling makers, we can fabricate intricate tooling according to client¨s special needs.

Plastic injection molding is our expertise and core business activity. Over the past years, Shengguang has not only accumulated the knowledge of conventional molding, but also gas-assist molding, structure foam molding .

In order to give our valued customers the best support, Shengguang has continuously improved ourselves to give value-added services. Product assembly is of our value-added services towards providing an integrated one-stop solution to our customers.We offer value-added service for customers through constant improvement.